2 = central, centre.
Ex. Informative abstracts are appropriate for texts describing experimental work, and document with a central theme.
Ex. Entry words may be aligned in a centre column or in a left hand column.
* Asia Central = Central Asia.
* biblioteca central = main library.
* Biblioteca Nacional Central = National Central Library.
* calefacción central = central heating.
* CIA (Agencia Central de Inteligencia) = CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).
* dependencia central = main site, main site facility.
* edificio central = main site.
* en un lugar central = centrally located.
* Europa Central = Central Europe, Mitteleurope.
* Europa Central del Este = East Central Europe.
* Mead Data Central = Mead Data Central.
* memoria central = central memory.
* ordenador central = central computer, host computer.
* papel central = pivotal role.
* región central de los Estados Unidos, la = American midwest, the.
* sección central = midsection [mid-section].
* sede central = main site.
* según el huso horario de Europa Central = CET (Central European Time).
* servicio central = main site service.
* tema central = motif.
* tener como motivo central = plan around + Nombre.
* vientre central = middle abdomen.
* zona central = midsection [mid-section].
* zona central de un lugar = heartland.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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